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While social media may be an obvious priority in crisis marketing efforts, you must ensure that every useful channel is being pursued. 

Database marketing has several advantages including:

  • Leveraging existing loyalties to a greater degree
  • The ability to measure marketing effectiveness
  • The ability to test new creative ideas and products
  • Access to more information about the customer
  • The opportunity to create barriers against competitors

Travel and tourism organizations at the more advanced stage of database marketing are at an advantage. As competition for market share intensifies, consumer loyalty will be a priceless resource. In times of crisis, travel and tourism businesses must include database marketing as a means of cementing customer relationships through personalized service.

Perhaps more so than database marketing, in an environment of physical distancing, traditional media such as radio and television are easy to overlook in favour of social media channels. Do not be so hasty, however. You may want to consider the following:

  • Screen time: With consumers confined largely to their homes, they are clocking more screen time than usual overall, therefore television advertising is a crucial component in nurturing their dreams of freedom and escape. 
  • A break from the sedentary: Television viewing is by definition a sedentary activity and, for many travellers, may be a last resort boredom-alleviator, therefore television advertising focusing on physical, outdoor, adventurous activity in open spaces could be highly motivating for frustrated would-be travellers. Such imagery is likely to stay in their minds as restrictions are lifted and travel opportunities arise.
  • Your vehicle audience: In many cases, driving to and from essential activities may be the most freedom consumers are able to enjoy in markets with hard lockdown measures, therefore radio provides a means of connection to the outside world during this time and is a potentially powerful tool for tactical messages.
  • Selling adventure and freedom: Radio advertising to evoke the spirit of adventure during this potentially valuable moment of partial freedom in a consumer’s day could be highly impactful.
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