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Having appropriate and robust organizational systems in place before a crisis will inevitably improve your ability to weather one. During a crisis, your organizational goals will be highly disrupted, but having internal systems in place can help you get back on track during the recovery phase.

Gantt Chart

Think of a Gantt chart as an enhanced timeline tracker. It illustrates the start and finish dates of the many tasks and milestones of your project. The Gantt chart shows task dependencies between activities, and it is an ideal way to display your current schedule status. It is a useful tool when planning and executing a phase of your project, but it will also help you track how your projects or targets are disrupted by a crisis. It also provides a means to view project baselines and critical paths, as well as defining core project milestones.

Making a Gantt Chart:

Project management techniques for crisis preparation – Work Breakdown Structure 

The process of tourism recovery will be, in and of itself, an overwhelming project for most travel and tourism businesses. In order to be successful and allocate resources effectively, your business will need a means of breaking tasks down and assigning them appropriately.

Work Breakdown Structure

When projects seem overwhelming in size and scope, leaders often employ a work breakdown structure (WBS) to literally break down the larger phases of the project into smaller and smaller tasks, which can then be scheduled and assigned. 

Developing a work breakdown structure:

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