Preparing key messages

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Tailor your contextual messaging: As a general framework for key messaging, encourage your audience to plan for recovery but recognize that destinations go back to status quo messaging. You should tailor messaging to what travellers are most excited about in future e.g. the resumption of freedom, open spaces, outdoor activity etc.

Communicate on the specifics of the crisis and your response: Reports have shown that consumers have positive attitudes toward brand communications around COVID-19. According to data released by Visit Florida, 43% say that it is reassuring to receive messages from brands they are familiar with and have an established relationship with. Additionally, 40% say they would appreciate hearing how brands are responding to the pandemic. 

Use secondary footage and images: Within reason, repurpose your image catalogue to tell a story of the future. Enhance this by identifying distribution channels that have increased viewership (YouTube, social media etc.).

Tailor messaging to stakeholder map: Ensure that you have tailored messages easily accessible and specific to your stakeholders. Visit California provides an instructive example of this tailored messaging.

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