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Audiences globally will want to hear from you. Consumers have expressed that they find it reassuring to hear from brands around COVID-19 and their response to the crisis. But for this to be effective it will be important to match audiences to appropriate channels and styles of messaging where possible.

  • Revisit your existing frameworks: Review your strategic plan, media strategy, recent visitor profile studies, etc., and adjust your core messages and priorities accordingly. Adjust your campaigns and personas; the destination marketing campaign you developed six months ago will most likely now need to evolve. 
  • Prioritize channels with increased traffic: YouTube and social media have all undergone spikes in viewership since the start of the crisis (Italy recorded a 70% increase in internet usage in just a couple of weeks, while in Mexico it has already risen by 30%). These will be essential lines of communication with your audience. The more tech-savvy and younger audiences are heavier users of these channels so are more likely to be receptive to inspirational “authentic” travel messaging and an emphasis on the resumption of freedom of movement.
  • Tailor to your local audience: Review your content and itineraries and determine what to share with locals to encourage activities they can do while practicing physical distancing. These can also help drive loyalty and “pride-in-place” among your residents and help reinforce your brand. 
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