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An overview of marketing in COVID-19 recovery  

With the global travel and tourism industry still in the thick of the COVID-19 crisis, organizations and destinations will have a complex balance to strike between weathering the ongoing crisis and preparing for recovery. While you may not immediately think of marketing as a top priority during this time, marketing efforts within this context will be crucial to long-term business resilience. The below steps provide a broad overview of marketing priorities and adjustments during this time of crisis.

  1. Triage marketing activities to the essential mission-critical efforts to weather the crisis – consumer confidence is down and will not recover until the peak passes. Advertising and discounted offers are ineffective in the absence of travel intent.
  2. Maintain channel promotions as far as is fiscally feasible as this will maintain supplier relations.
  3. Make use of effective social media outreach, providing up-to-date information and details of recovery efforts.
  4. Prioritize cost-effective booking channels ensuring that book-direct perks are visible across digital platforms.
  5. Consider how to increase revenue from individual bookings, with strategies such as length of stay offers.
  6. Review and restructure advertising budgets in accordance with shifting crisis priorities.
  7. Prioritize marketing budget on domestic and nearby markets.
  8. Target local market and emphasize staycation options.
  9. Promote approved safety guidelines to all tourists, particularly international visitors.
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