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Leveraging research in recovery  

In a time of misinformation, uncertainty, and fear, it will be essential for the hard-hit travel and tourism sector to project integrity and adopt an evidence-based approach to recovery. To grow consumer trust and confidence in the recovery process brands must promote and inform based on factual and reliable information.

  • Analyze website traffic trends: Use consumer-driven insights to update your content based on contextual relevance. Ongoing search engine optimization, conversion optimization, and lead generation efforts can ensure your website is visible and track organic consumer behavioural metrics that can guide your marketing budget and recovery priorities.
  • Share educational content: Embrace thought leadership about your destination – this could be in the context of general educational content, or aimed at children who have been deprived of schooling (this could be done in partnership with educational professionals). This is also conducive to prioritizing overall information about your destination rather than current events.
  • Use the tools and insights that are available now: Google Trends, Google Analytics, and many other platforms are readily available to provide up-to-date metrics. 
  • Reach out to your network: Follow trusted sources and marketing thought leaders. Enquire as to how the current situation is impacting your consumers and your stakeholder network, and how your business can best respond. 
  • Revisit insights and track trends: You are likely to have some stock of accumulated data that will be subject to review but some will be applicable to contextualize the current circumstances. Consider both short and long-term changes to consumer behaviour and track against previous trends. How will consumer behaviour change and how will this guide your budgets and project offerings?
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