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Accessing relief funds

The federal government, provinces/territories and local governments have been designing and implementing funds and programs to support tourism businesses across Canada. Since new programs are coming up quickly it is best to stay in touch with your bank and financial advisors,  as well as with your provincial/territorial tourism industry associations, destination marketing organization, regional tourism organization and provincial marketing organization.

Check the federal government’s website for support for businesses under Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan:

Check BDC’s comprehensive summary of all capital and other liquidity support measures within Canada and across the provinces/territories:

For tourism specific guidance, please check out Destination Canada’s COVID-19 Industry Support page:

If you are an Indigenous tourism business, check the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada’s COVID-19 Development Stimulus Fund for program eligibility:

Other relief efforts are being implemented by hydro providers, telecommunication providers and municipalities to assist businesses with payments. Be sure to maximize these options too and include them in your overall cash flow solution!