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In the context of physical distancing requirements and safety guidelines, adapting to new market realities will hold particular challenges for accommodation and hotel businesses. Here are a number of measures that can be adopted in order to both ensure compliance and provide assurance to guests:

  1. Write a re-opening email that lists all the precautions you are taking.
  2. Every page on your website should have a pop-up advisory. Now would the time to begin building this in.
  3. Compile “Best Guests” lists from your customer database to send personalized messages. Loyalty will be essential in the recovery period.
  4. Redraw your meeting space floor plans in accordance with physical distancing requirements. Ensure these new plans are on your website.
  5. Publish your temporary limited menu of spa services (or other relevant in-house services that may be affected).
  6. Apply physical distancing floor plan measures to spa and other relevant in-house services.
  7. Determine bag handling procedures – will your staff be allowed into guest rooms when exposed to common areas?
  8. Consider requiring a COVID-19 affidavit to be signed at the front desk for guests to confirm that they have not been close to anyone showing symptoms.
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